Terms of Use

Welcome to Repixel. Please find our Privacy Policy here, and Cookie Policy here. By using Repixel, you agree to these policies as well as the Terms of Use below.

The below terms of use outline additional rules and regulations for the use of Repixel's Website & Applications. We reserve the right to change our policies at any time, so please check back on this page from time to time.

By accessing this website & app we assume you accept these terms and conditions in full. Do not continue to use Repixel's website or app if you do not accept all of the terms and conditions stated on this page.

  1. Participating in the Repixel marketplace is done at your own risk and performance is not guaranteed. With that in mind, it is always recommended to start with low daily budgets & CPMs and scale up.

  2. Repixel reserves the right to run promotions and/or permanently change the commission it collects from site owners at any time.

  3. By signing up for Repixel, you agree that we may use your company name, logo, and trademarks in our marketing materials.

  4. You may not specifically call out a site owner's brand name in your ad creative without their explicit written consent.

  5. You may not share a custom audience composed of data purchased from a Repixel site owner with any other advertiser account for any reason.

  6. To ensure compliance with these policies, at any time, Repixel may request to do a campaign audit of your Facebook Advertising account and you 5 business days to comply in the form of being available for a 30-minute screen share of your account or by giving read-only access to Repixel's Facebook Ads account.

  7. In order to better serve our user base, we may email you from time to time with marketing & transactional materials.

  8. As a user in the Repixel marketplace, you are responsible for understanding and following all laws in your state & country, including but not limited to all GDPR legislation.

  9. As a site owner, you may not unshare a pixel without notifying Repixel first. If you would like to pause working with an advertiser, please use Repixel’s built-in functionality to do so. If you sell data from an unshared pixel during an active campaign you will be responsible for issuing refunds to impacted advertisers in full, and a repeat offense is grounds for the immediate termination of your Repixel account.

  10. For any pixels that are unshared during an active campaign, because Repixel has no visibility into pixel sharing status within Facebook Ads, advertisers are responsible for reporting the issue to Repixel immediately. Until the issue is reported, in the event that it is not possible to collect payment for a refund from the site owner, Repixel will be unable to accommodate a refund and advertisers may have to pay in full.

  11. While we hope to maintain a long & healthy partnership on the Repixel platform, either party may terminate working with the other for any reason without notice.

  12. Advertisers are charged based on the number of pageviews recorded by our system, not the number of visitors that are matched by Facebook. For this reason, it is not uncommon to see audience sizes significantly lower than the number of data points you were charged for (more info here).Match rates vary significantly from site to site, and due to a misconfiguration by a site owner or other events outside of our control, can even be zero. Repixel has no visibility into the targetable audience sizes recorded by Facebook within your Ads account, but given most CPM's, you should know within the first couple of dollars spent. With that in mind, advertisers, not Repixel, are responsible for monitoring their audience sizes and refunds will not be given for low, or even 0% match rates. It is Repixel's recommendation that you set your daily budget very low when you launch a new campaign and once you’re comfortable with the match rate, scale up from there while continuing to monitor for any changes.