Monetize Your Site Without Ads

Advertisers are lining up to retarget your visitors. ​Repixel is a marketplace that connects you with them and facilitates easy payment. Just drop a pixel and start getting paid.

How it Works

Getting started couldn't be easier. No contract, credit card, or commitment required.


1 ·
Create Account

Advertisers are lining up waiting for you. Create an account, set your price, and post a listing for your website or app.


2 ·
Drop a ​Pixel

No need to drop a pixel for every advertiser that wants to repixel your site. Just drop one pixel, one time, and you're off to the races.


3 ·
Start Approving

Hang tight. The requests to repixel your site or app will roll in soon. Approve as many as you'd like - there's no limit. Reject the ones that aren't a fit.​​


4 ·
Sit Back ​and Get Paid

That's it. All that’s left is keeping an eye on your email for new requests and hitting the “cash-out” button to get paid whenever it’s convenient.

Site Owners About Repixel

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  • There’s a certain excitement you get when an email notification from Repixel comes through letting you know a new advertiser has requested to Repixel you. Is this daily budget going to be $10, $100, or $500?

    David Yi

    Ad Sales Representative

  • I’ve been happy with Repixel because it’s passive income. I’m notified when an advertiser wants to tag my visitors, and aside from clicking “approve” & transferring my balance to my bank once in a while, there’s really no work involved.

    Barry McKay


  • You can only add so many ads to the page. This is something that's tucked away, making the scale limitless.

    Theresa Lavin

    Business Development Representative

  • At first, we signed up for Repixel because it looked like a shiny new toy and we were mostly curious. But over the past couple of months, performance has exceeded our expectations and it has become integral to our business.

    Russell Collins

    Account Executive

Why Repixel Other Sites?

More Scale

Your site just inherited a lot more monetization potential. Unlike ad units, repixeling is limitless. Letting five advertisers repixel your website or app is great, but it's no sweat off your back to approve fifty.

No Extra Work

Aside from hitting "approve," there's not much for you to do. Unlike traditional ad sales, there's no cold outreach or sales cycles. Let the advertiser's come to you. There are thousands already in line.

High Demand

Repixel has new site owners joining every day, but not nearly enough to support the supply of advertisers. That means you're in high demand, which means more action and the ability to set higher prices.

No Risk

As a publisher (aka "site owner"), it's impossible to take a loss. We only get paid when you get paid. That, plus the quick & easy setup, means there's no reason not to give repixeling a shot.

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