There is no membership fee to enter the Repixel marketplace.

Advertisers, browse the marketplace for free, only pay for what you buy.
Site owners, list as many sites for free as you’d like, for as long as you’d like.

Repixel takes a 20% cut of all funds transferred from advertiser to publisher

Fee is taken from the site owner side – the advertiser isn't impacted.

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Each website has a monthly licensing fee to access its pixel.

Once approved by the site owner, you will be billed your first month’s payment and it will renew monthly. You may cancel at any time.

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Useful info:

Not all pixels come with historical data, and some come with more than others. We understand that this impacts pricing analysis, so make sure to keep an eye out when reviewing the site owner’s listing prior to starting a campaign.

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Site Owners

You are paid a monthly subscription fee by each advertiser for each website that they are repixeling at a price that's set by you.

For example, if you own 2 websites, have 10 advertisers working with each of them, and you have your price set to $250/month, you’ll earn 2 * $250 * 10 = $5,000/month.

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Pro tip:

When setting your price, the goal is to make the value that you deliver to advertisers match the value that they’re paying. If you set your price higher than the value delivered, your offer will be unattractive to prospective clients. And if you set your price lower than the value you deliver, you’re likely leaving money on the table. More specifics can be found here.

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