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Repixel is a marketplace that connects non-competitive companies in the same industry and allows them to easily retarget each other's websites & apps.

How it Works

Getting started couldn't be easier. No contract, credit card, or commitment required.


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Create Account

Advertisers create an account and can immediately start browsing which site owner they'd like to repixel.


2 ·
Request Access

​See a site you'd like to repixel? Let them know at the tap of a button, and if the site owner is in, they'll spin up a new Facebook pixel and share it with you.


3 ·
Start Repixeling

Most sites have enough traffic to get you started within 48 hours. Start building up audiences and setting up your campaigns while you wait.​​


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Build Lookalikes

Expand your reach by using the site owner's visitors to create a lookalike. And coming soon, expand into other ad channels such as Quora & Taboola.

Advertisers About Repixel

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  • The nice thing about Repixel is it solves for timing. Yes, ad networks like Facebook can leverage their data to create an audience of people who have “expressed interest in shoes”, but that’s very different than tagging people who were just reading shoe reviews.

    Ashley Ryan

    Social Media Marketing Manager

  • Retargeting has been effective for us, but there are only so many people who visit our website to retarget to. Repixel has been a way for us to scale our Facebook campaigns without compromising ROI.

    Ed Cashen

    Paid Marketing Manager

  • Our business is in the pet toy space and lookalikes bring in a lot of clicks, but conversion rate has always been a challenge. By serving ads to people who regularly read pet blogs, we’ve maintained our click volume but substantially increased the number of people actually buying.

    Angela Murray


  • I was pretty excited when I first heard about Repixel. On day 1 I sent out 30 or so requests to retarget other websites. The vast majority accepted me and the program has since scaled really nicely.

    Chris Davis

    Director, Advertising

Why Repixel Other Sites?

More Scale

Marketers have enjoyed the benefits of remarketing for over a decade. But scale is limited by the number of visitors reaching your website or app. With thousands more web properties at your fingertips, you'll have the power of retargeting not just your own website, but as many others as you’d like.

Value in Branding

With CTR’s on Facebook Ads averaging at around 1% is 2017, you need to be sure that the other 99% of your ads are being seen by the right people. Use Repixel to make some noise in the market so when people think about your industry, they think about you.

Higher Lifetime Values

Repixeling doesn’t just lead to cheaper customer acquisition costs...because your new audience is actively in the market for your product or service, low quality “impulse buys” from users will be a thing of the past.

Lower Customer Acquisition Costs

No more branching out into high volume but high CPA placements. With Repixel, you'll have added reach without compromising on acquisition costs.

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